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Unpublished Art

This grouping represents odds 'n ends that I've picked up through various sources such as eBay and artist/dealer websites. Click on an image to see the art in larger size.

Geof Isherwood Geof Isherwood 2 Al Rio
Skottie Young Francis Manapul Eddy Barrows
Charles Barnett Ernest Jocson Buzz
Bruce Timm Bruce Timm 2 Bill Seinkiewicz
Michael Dooney Angel Gabriele Mike Wieringo
Mike DeCarlo Mark Bloodworth Jim Muniz
Jerry Ordway Russ.D.Toole Leonard Kirk
Leno Carvalho Paul Abrams Ray Kryssing
Ross Campbell Chris Giarrusso Rafael Lopez Espi
George Perez Paul Smith Fred Hembeck
Hao Phong Russ.D.Toole Al Bigley
Fraim Brothers Mitch Breitweiser Rich Ellis
Marcio Abreu Fred Hembeck Philip Tan
Inacio Chris McJunkin Carlo Pagulayan

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