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I have commissioned a number of artists to provide their take on the Human Torch. I've organized these into three broad categories: Human Torch Battles, Johnny Storm's Flames and Solo Torch. Simply scroll down and click on any image below to see the art in a larger size.

Human Torch Battles: This part of the commission section includes the Torch versus various heroes and villains. Some of the opponents were chosen by me but in many cases I allowed the artist to select a character of his choice to pit against the Torch.

Kevin West Ale Garza Carlo Barberi
Kyle Hotz Marat Mychaels Ty Romsa
Al Bigley Terry Beatty Greg Moutafis
Bob Hall Chris Cross Bob Layton
Frank Brunner Freddie E Williams II Paul Neary
Brian Douglas Ahern Cameron Stewart Scott Rosema
Rich Woodall Darryl Banks Greg Larocque
Sunny Lee Eric Meador Josh Howard
Ben Dunn Mike DeCarlo

Johnny Storm's Flames: Here's a few scenes featuring the Torch with past romantic interests and other Marvel babes.

Alex Lei Al Rio Diego Bernard
Kelly Everaert Walter Geovani Jay Fife

Solo Torch: Here are solo images of the Human Torch featuring art from well known seasoned pros to lesser known up and coming artists. I always find it interesting to see the different approaches taken by various artists.

Steve Rude Ernie Chan Gene Colan
David Michael Beck Fred Hembeck Craig Rousseau
Karl Moline Mike Grell Norm Breyfogle
Pop Mhan Dick Ayers Chris Ivy
Joe Rubinstein Mark Kuettner Brian Shearer
Tim Gillette Evan Driscoll Brian Vavra
Brian Kong Gene Gonzales Jason Baroody
Carlos Taylor Vince Locke Charles Hall
Scott Jones CK Russell Jason Flowers
Norman Hardy Sherry Leak Sean Moore
Tim Tyler Dan Richards Shane Bollin
Gabe Pena Chris McJunkin Sara Richard

The Human Torch and all other characters on this site are copyright Marvel Entertainment Group.