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Mike Wieringo

Here are Mike Wieringo's pencils to Fantastic Four #512, Page 19. Also included below are Karl Kesel's inks for this page. In this issue, the Torch and Spider-Man are battling Hydro-Man at a water park. Hydro-Man blasts the Torch into a pool with such intense water pressure that the Torch loses his clothes. Spider-Man is then attacked by Hydro-Man, prompting the web slinger to yell for the Torch to get out of the pool and help him. The Torch replies "I can't! I...I..." and then exclaims with the caption that appears on this page, "I HAVE NO PANTS!".

Karl Kesel

After acquiring the pencils to this page, I was lucky enough to pick up the matching inks from Karl Kesel via eBay.

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